SOLVED: Issue with Site url path for site name "GTS CM UIDEXT"

Whats the site url for external site “GTS CM UIDEXT” ,its not observed under listed sites
Please suggest!

Please provide more details, logs, screenshots, info, etc…

I really don’t know what the context is or what this is about.

Are you having gather issues?

Thanks!Yes,it was gather issue. While later observed even though site listed and published to the license dashboard. The error was pertaining due to no content published on the site yet.
hence when I have enabled and subscribed for external site “gtscmuidext”.
Trying to access the contents.

The site status shows “site available” in dignostic gather.

While at IEM console yet the fixlet contents are not reflecting.
While the site content view on diagnostic shows :
Error providing site directory
The requested Fixsite cannot be serviced by this server.
Site configuration file does not exist."
While for the other site (e.g. configuration files are existing at

After tracking with support team found the contents yet to be published associated with Site.
Hence it looks resolved.

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