Solaris patching issue

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I have created a small TEM environment consisting of a BES Server, Top-level Relay, Second-level relay, and a number of endpoints - including Solaris 10x86.

I am attempting to perform patch installation onto my Solaris endpoint, but am having issues with the patch downloads.

The following are the steps I had performed so far:

Manually downloaded the “SolarisDownloadCacher.exe” tool onto my BES Server, and manually executed it. I provided all the required inputs, including my Oracle support ID. I requested to download all the Solaris 10x86 patches into my BES Cache. This was all completed successfully.

Next, I attempted to perform a single patch installation onto my Solaris endpoint, via a fixlet (this was actually “125216-04: SunOS 5.10_x86: wget patch”, but I assume any would fail). However, the associated Action shows failure:

Download error: “The only supported protocols are http, https, and ftp”

Download requested on server:

URL: SolarisProtocol://

SHA1: 7f7d3985fed33004403c16ff5411ae445467d563

Size: 0 bytes

Next retry: 9 minutes. Retry now

On searching the TEM Knowledge Base I came across the following post which appears to be the same problem:

This suggests that I have missed some steps in terms of performing an action on the Console “BES Relay/Server: Register Download Plug-in for Solaris”. However, this task is not visible under Patch Management Domain->OS Vendors->Sun Microsystems Solaris->Configuration" by default on my Console. It is only visible when I click “Show Non-Relevant Content”, but then it is greyed out and shows “Applicable Computers: 0”.

I am sure I am missing a step or two here, to get the Solaris patching configured in my environment, but I have been unable to find the answer from my research so far. Since I am new to TEM I am hoping the experienced users may spot the problem very quickly.