Solaris 11 patch category question

A while back I set up a custom filter for our UNIX team to identify patches they needed based on their criteria. One of the criteria was that the Category field would be “Security”.

This seemed to work for them and I have not paid a lot of attention to it, but they just asked me why some of the new patches were not showing up. When I looked in the console, it appears that the “Support Repository Update” patches switch between General, Security and Recommended. From past experience, this value is usually derived from the vendor, but I cannot seem to find this from Solaris.

Could someone clarify where the source of this value comes from? I just want to be able to explain to the support person how it comes and I will adjust the filter.



The category comes from the patches’ metadata file, specifically the “classification” tag. For example, for Solaris 11.4 SRU on x86 (, the metadata file is located here:

Hi Zevanty,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. I did not see the notification that someone replied.