Softwares not getting reported - ILMT 9.2.20

Hello All,

I have been working on a problem lately where in few of my servers are not reporting any software as part of ILMT software scanning process not even BigFix agent which i know is present on the servers.

Things i validated :

  1. Scanner version installed on all servers is 9.2.20
  2. Software scan is scheduled to run daily on all servers and it shows completed on all servers.
  3. Analysis: Software Scan Status - results of each scan status is showing OK
  4. Run Capacity Scan & Upload Results is scheduled to run daily on all servers and it is also showing 100% completion on all servers. ( HW data is captured for all servers)
  5. Upload Software Scan Results is scheduled to run daily and is showing completed to all servers.
  6. I did a spot check on couple of servers to validate whether the data is getting uploaded on the root server or not and it showed todays scan results date.
  7. Catalog Version on all servers are showing updated.
  8. Data Imports are also working fine.

ILMT Version : 9.2.20
Scanner Version : 9.2.20

Any suggestions on next steps would be really appreciated.

Thank You

@ssakunala can you provide any assistance here?

Is the FillDB service having any issues?

Have you reviewed the Client logs on the servers where data is missing?

FYI - I think you need to have the Run Capacity Scan & Upload Results action scheduled every 30 minutes to capture migrations of VMs from one host to another.

Is the scan result missing for few computers or all computers? You can take couple of actions to see if the data is reported in to ILMT.
Identify couple of servers with missing software scan result.

  1. From ILMT Site in BigFix Console, take action on ID 103: Force Reupload of Software Scan Results
  2. Wait for few minutes, restart FillDB service
  3. Wait for few minutes, run a manual ILMT import and verify the result
  4. Check if import log shows any counts for different tasks

Your other post related to VM Manager data mentioned some issues with FillDB/Root server, is the Filldb processing the files fine?

Thanks @itsmpro92 - the environment size is 1000 servers with only ILMT running but i can still check the filldb as half of the machines are reporting in with the software data and half of them are not. The client logs are normal and there is nothing weird there.

Also, Run Capacity Scan & Upload Results that is scheduled for every 30 mins only.

Has anything changed in 9.2.20? because the weird thing i notice that BigFix agent is only reported on 5 servers, even ~400 servers are reporting back with software results but the results doesn’t have bigfix agent listed.

Hello ssakunala,

The Scan results is missing for more than half of my environment ~(550) servers but the discovery of BigFix agent which i am sure is present in all is missing for almost 98% of the environment.

I will do the Force Upload and FillDB restart and share my findings and regarding my other post that is the another environment altogether.

Thanks for taking out time and replying.


Hello Mayank,
With BigFix 10, the BigFix software ID tags have been replaced by HCL tags and they will not be discovered by ILMT as ILMT is specific to just IBM software. Check the version of the agent that’s still reporting in ILMT to confirm.

Is it possible the servers that are not reporting software don’t have any discoverable IBM software?


Hello @ssakunala : This is absolutely making sense and i re-checked the one reporting BigFix platform agent are running with version 9.5 and the rest of them are running with version
Does that mean the ILMT will not report any of the BigFix software starting 10 since the software ID tags have changed?

Also, regarding the other software on these servers can it be due to these servers are not running with any IBM software?

Much Appreciated the information so far, it really helps.


Hello Mayank,

Yes, any bigfix software starting from version 10 will not reflect in ILMT as this is not IBM product now.

Also, if you do not have any IBM software on machine then installed software will be 0.


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Thanks Divya for the response, it helps.


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