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i need to create a report with besreport that can tell us the list of software on our company and count how many workstations installed those software, say in the table form office 2007 count 30 pc’s , adobe reader count 20 pc’s , etc and when i click them, it will list all the workstations ( if i clicking office 2007 , it will show the name of the 30’s pc ). any help would be appreciated

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Hi fnovento,

Good question… In fact we’ve been working on a new BigFix product call DSS Software Asset Management that will generate exactly the reports you are looking for. The product contains a software identification catalog with thousands of publishers, titles, title versions, and software application signatures that are used to automatically identify and display aggregate statistics about what you have installed, where, and how much it’s being used. You can drill through the reports like this:

Publisher --> Software Titles --> Software Title Versions (or Suites) --> Applications. At any point in this drill down, you filter, sort, and view all computers and their properties in the inventory at that level. It also has a function we call call “Contracts” which allows you to describe the software licenses you own and how many licenses, and you can report on whether you are complying with your license contracts or not.

We expect to release DSS SAM in a few months so look for official announcements soon.

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Did this ever get implemented?? I need to determine all versions of MS Office that are currently installed and how many machines are running each version!! I see there is a nice MS Office Overview dashboard which does list the office products and how many machines are running them but when I print it is more of a print screen and doesn’t show me all the results, only the ones currently showing on the screen! I basically need that "MS Office Products second of the dashboard as a separate report! How can I do this? I’m even now still getting used to reports 8.0. In the older version I used to be able to “group” the results in order to ge a count. Is that even possible anymore?

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Do you have DSS SAM (aka TEM SUA) installed?


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Umm I don’t believe so.

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Here are a couple links to the product Ben mentions:

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We have SUA - and that would be the REPORT I want to have. I have played around in SUA and can drill down Publishers -> Software–> Microsoft-> products and get a COUNT of all Microsoft products installed on machines - however this is tedious and would have to be repeated for EACH publisher.

Is there not a Built-in, easy to make REPORT that would give me something like

Publisher - Componnent - Version

Microsoft Excel 2010

For each registered software found in the environment? This just seem like a BASE place to start