Software distribution wizard

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I’m running 2 TEM Servers running DSA on v8.2.1312. I just used the Windows Software Distribution wizard in the BES Support site to upload a file and create a task. Everything worked fine, but when I pushed the task it created, I receive the error:

Download error: “Windows Error 800c0005: The system cannot locate the resource specified.”

I confirmed that the file “…\BES Server\wwwrootbes\Uploads<sha1>\file.tmp” exists on both BES Root Servers, but the file doesn’t appear to be in the directory “…\BES Server\wwwrootbes\bfmirror\downloads\sha1”.

Anyone know why the download is failing? thanks

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I had to change the Internet Explorer proxy settings on our 2 BES Root servers so that the URL of the bes server didn’t go out to the internet. Now it works.