Software distribution task using specific user credentials


Can we create a software distribution task using given explicit user credentials.
I am using service account in bigfix root server login and it does not have local or domain admin privileges on client computers.

Can I create new software deployment task by passing domain admin credentials.

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I personally wouldn’t recommend passing domain admin credentials in a BigFix Task. The Bigfix agent runs as system on the local machine so normally doesn’t need separate credentials. If your have a specific use case where the install needs to run as a user you can use the override commands to change how the agent handles the deployment. There is also a way to execute the task as the local user but with system permissions, so that might accomplish what your looking for rather than passing domain admin credentials.

Here is a link to a post by Jason Walker regarding Override options.

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Generally you should not need to pass any credentials at all, when running as LocalSystem the BigFix agent can install software packages.

When a per-user install is needed, it’s better to set the action context to the logged-on user.

I don’t know any case where we would want the action to run as a Domain Admin, and in fact current best-practices are that Domain Admin credentials should never be exposed to end-user workstations, and explicitly block Domain Admins from even logging in to workstations interactively.

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The last thing you want is to risk passing any sort of plain text credentials, especially if it’s a domain account or domain admin account.

There are always other ways to accomplish every goal but some context to the goal might help us to suggest a better alternative method to do what you are trying to accomplish.

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