Software Distribution Managment and on going maintenance

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We are wondering what people are doing with software deployment maintenace. Once you have created a fixlet/task to deploy software it is generally done and ready to deploy. However if the original binaries or software package changes you are going have to re generate a new SHA1 hash and update the fixlet. This usually is not a big deal for application that do not change often, but we may have some software packages (we create ourselves) which could have small but frequent config changes. Is there a way to not have to generate a new hash everytime or some automated process people are doing today to either dynamically update the hash or something similiar.

Thanks for any advance for any ideas on this.

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Isn’t that the whole purpose of having a hash is so you know when the package is complete and hasn’t changed? I see where it can become tedious to recreate that fixlet all the time, but I don’t think there is a way around it.

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The new Dynamic Downloads feature in 7.2 might help. Check out this thread:

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thanks for the link -

Is there any fixlet/task now in bigfix that uses the prefetch code now I can look as a sample?