Software distribution for linux

How to do software distribution for Linux RHEL 9?

Hello @benu,
Do you want to deploy a software running on RHEL 9?
Or do you want to deploy RHEL 9 OS using software distribution?
To deploy an OS, the “OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging” application (OSD) is recommended. OSD currently does not support RHEL 9 but will support it soon.
BigFix SWD and OSD L3 support team

I want to deploy software running on RHEL 9 via Bigfix Console, how to do that?

Thank You.

To deploy a software you have to create a package, import the file and create a Task.
Create SWD Package: Creating a package or Fixlet
Import and Task creation: Editing a package or Fixlet

If you are new on SWD, you need to configure your environment as described in Manage Software Distribution Packages dashboard


OK, deploy has been successful. Thanks for helping me.