Software Deployment

While I am not new to the user side, I have been asked to jump into the deep end with the goal of deploying Splunk forwarder to Windows and Linux clients. To this I will admit to being a noob.

I was provided a BES file from an old installation that no longer appears on the server, and modified it with the current server name and MSI details. I think it looks right, but first tings first.

I ran the deployment wizard, but to my surprise it never asked for the BES file. I figured out how to add the deployment server to the end of the MSI in the action.

The problem I am having is when I try to run it, it hangs and then gives me an error 28 “Time out” before anything even happens.

Here are my questions:
-How do I get this to work without hanging and timing out?

-Because I will have to figure out Linux if I go with the first option, how do I create a fixlet using the BES file which should handle both Windows & Linux? I could find nothing useful on the web or YouTube.

Thank you in advance.

Share the relevance and action script portions of the old BES file?

If it is an MSI installer, you should just use the SWD Dashboard and create a new Fixlet/package.
For the exact command lines, you might crack open the old .BES file with a text editor (it’s just XML in there…) and harvest the command line.