SleepIdle & WorkIdle Maximum Sum?

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The value range listed for SleepIdle & WorkIdle is 1-500 (MilliSeconds)

If for some reason I wanted 50% CPU usage, could I set these both to 500, so that work+sleep would equal 1000, or do I have to have both values add up to something less than 500?, in which case I would need to set them to 250 each max.

To be clear, I’m not actually interested in setting these values this high, I am just trying to understand if all possible values between 1 through 500 are valid for the Idle settings independently or if there are other constraints.

If 500ms is actually the limit of the sum of work+sleep idle, I have this expressed here:

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Hi jgstew,

I’m sure this is what you need. The CPU utilization control Task in the BES Support site (ID: 168) is also introduced.

Steps to change the amount of CPU used by TEM Client


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That page does not answer my question about the maximum combined value of WorkIdle+SleepIdle. It seems like they can both be set to 500, but I wanted to know if that is true or not.

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I’m not sure what your concerns are. Although the available range for those parameters are 0-500, it works as long as the tech note introduces how the agent work. You keep in your mind in order not to exceed 100% of CPU usage by your own.

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My concern is: Can workidle be set to 500 & sleepidle be set to 500? Is this a valid possibility?

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I’m not getting hung up on anything, I’m asking if the sum matters or it doesn’t and this is the first time I’ve seen an answer.