Site subscription for the computers in IEM EndPoint Manager

Hi All,

In our environment,we are having 33000 computers and all sites are subscribed for all the computers.

Now we want to Subscribe for 10000 computers few sets of sites, for other 5000 computers we want to subscribe another few sets of site and similarly for other computers.

Can anyone tell me the easiest way to perform this task.your help will be highly appreciated :smile:

You can just change the site subscription from, “All Computers” to a relevance statement. Write a relevance statement that includes all the machines you want in the site.

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You can set up site subscription using a relevance statement, computer group membership, or specific conditions based on computer properties.

The easiest/best way will depend on how you need to divide up your computers and the way you can determine what site a computer should be subscribed to.

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Even if all computers are set to subscribe to all sites, that wouldn’t actually happen with the IBM sites since they often have OS specific filters.

If you are going to have custom content that all operators will have access to in your organization and that is where the bulk of your content is going to be, I recommend breaking it up based upon OS.

Not sure what the best name for it would be. “Global”, “All”, etc…

  • Global
  • “Global” is where universal content goes.
  • Use “Global” instead of the Master Action Site in most cases to keep the master action site small.
  • Global/Windows
  • Global/Mac
  • Global/Linux

You can then have relevance that makes that content only applicable to computers with that OS.

Obviously you can further subdivide your custom content as needed.

Another thing I recommend is to have subscription to some particular sites be managed by a task in the “Global” site described above. For instance, if you are using SUA but you don’t want to use SUA for all computers, then only have computers subscribe to SUA if a task is run against them that marks them to join the SUA site. Then you can have the SUA installer/scanner/uploader automatically deploy to all computers within the SUA site because only computers that should have it will be in that site. The same idea applies to other similar modules.