"Singular expression refers to nonexistent object" - license overview

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When I click on the Licensing Overview section I get an error popup “Singular expression refers to nonexistent object”. Then I click OK to dismiss the error then the licensing page loads but does not display any sites. The page is totally blank.

Can’t figure out how to diagnose the issue and what log files to look for.

Any suggestion what exactly it is looking for when clicking on Licensing Overview section?


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It’s a bug with our license system, there is an issue with how we encoded the expiration dates in your license. Send me your license serial number in email and I can fix it (nsalzman at–symbol us dot ibm dot com).

For general reference, the license team can be reached at IBMTEMLicensing@lotus.com

And… the bug should be fixed in a few weeks.

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Thank Noah for quick response. Appreciated. I already sent out a note to IBMTEMLicensing@lotus.com this morning from me. May be you could have a look. The serial number is attached to my email. Please let me know. You could sametime yorkly@ca.ibm.com.