Single action api

When I run this xml i get the error. I am dynamically targeting the server. It could be 1 server or 100+ servers using python.

“The Fixlet which this action addresses is not relevant on this machine.”

This probably isn’t it but can you try swapping your single quotes around 'Linux' for double quotes: "Linux" in your relevance?

Let me try that. I think i did. give another shot.

Agreed, check the quotes.
Also note you’re likely to have issues with your script, as all of the { symbols will be interpreted as Relevance Substitutions. You’ll need to escape them by using {{ where you want the literal open-curly-bracket symbol instead of a Relevance result.

{ braces in the code has been fixed. but I am suspecting the action script code appears like a block/stanza in the xml instead of the separate line. and that seems messing up.

This is the python code.

My recommendation is to create the action via the console and export it to see what format it’s expecting.

This is how i made it working from python. single or double quotes in the strings gets iffy. so i have to put triple quotes around the string variable. And no space before the backslash as well.