Simple file copy seems to fail

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Completed download

Completed continue if {(size of it = 3248 and sha1 of it = “9fbe622a69c4ec452d67ddc6498555f8e3189995”) of file “magconfig.xml” of folder “__Download”}

Completed delete “C:Program Files\magellan\apple\magconfig.xml”

Failed copy “__Download\magconfig.xml” “C:\Program Files\magellan\apple\magconfig.xml”

The last step seems to fail even though the path for this file does exist. Is there something obvious I might be missing? Thanks.

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Everything looks correct to me, as long as the destination does in fact exist. Can you turn on emsg logging and see if it gives you any additional details?

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Well found the problem I messed up on the line before it and had C: instead of C:\

One nights sleep help make things clear.