Silent Install Question

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I’m building an EXE agent package and am using the installer compiler. I’m using the /s command line option and while it doesn’t prompt me for any input during the install, it still splashes the install screen and progress bar. Is that as silent as it gets or is there an even more silent install that doesn’t show anything to the user?

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Setup.exe /s /v/qn

The /qn is most likely passed to the MSI installer and tells it to display not display any UI.

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Thank you very much. I’ll test that.

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Hmm… that didn’t work either. Unless I’m expecting something I shouldn’t be.

I’m using the installer compiler and putting in those command line options, then, to test it, I run it. It pops up the progress screen when I do that, but again, doesn’t ask for any input or anything.

My other consideration is using an MSI file instead and then using the command line directly for the MSI installer.

I just need the install to not show anything to the user and whatever I need to do to make that happen, I’ll do it.

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

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The command isn’t for the installer compiler, it’s for the installer the installer compiler generates. So that’s the command you’d run on the client to make the installer run silently.