Signature creation in Bigfix

Please advise me in signature creation.
I am using BFI
I am trying to create signatures for a particular publisher and the
software in question show up in Package Data & Scanned File Data reports however there are few hundreds of entries in the report(when i filter with the name & publisher in the package data report there are hundreds of servers this software is showing up). if i go creating signatures one by one(by server name) this is going to take lot of time to create signatures.
Kindly advise if this is the right approach?
is there a better way to create signatures for all these entries quickly. If yes kindly advise how to do it?

From the Scanned File Data report, you will only need to create one signature for each unique combination of File Name, Size, and File Version.

Use the Package Summary report to create the signatures you need. Conveniently, this report rolls up every unique combination of Vendor, Name, and Version found in your environment. If you sort by Number of Packages, the most commonly detected packages are sorted to the top.

If the software product in question shows up in both the Scanned File and Package Summary reports, I recommend creating the signature from one or the other, and then edit the resulting signature to include the other type of signature, so you don’t end up with duplicate detections.

During your next import, the new signatures will be used to detect the software on each computer, and they will show up in the various Software Installation reports.

Many Thanks! will try this option.