Show All Reboots in last 24 hours

Hi All,
I have a request to create a report to list all reboots for computers in a particular BigFix group within the past 24 hours. Any guidance to help get me started would be appreciated!

There is a BigFix Property called Uptime which shows you how long the device has been powered on. You will need to set a filter with Uptime < 24 hrs or something like that in Web Reports.

Dan, have you considered the uptime property

q: uptime of operating system
A: 3 days, 05:02:54.707
T: 0.036 ms

The thing is the user is requested to see ALL reboot events of a machine in the past 24 hours. I already have a report that shows the last reboot, but to show ALL seems a little trickier. I think I’ll need to evaluate the Event Logs for certain event IDs or words…

Is this Windows? Perhaps using the event log inspectors could help if it was