Shared Folder - NTFS

I need to obtain the information of the shared folders and users with permissions from the “Advanced options” option of Windows that is in the “Security” tab.

In the attached query you can only see if it is added in “Advanced sharing”

Q: (names of it, (account name of trustee of it & " - " & (if (generic read permission of it OR read permission of it) then “R” else “”) & (if (generic write permission of it OR write permission of it) then “W” else “”) & (if (generic execute permission of it OR execute permission of it) then “E” else “”)) of entries of dacls of security descriptors of it) of network shares

Friends, any suggestions to solve this point?

I don’t see a problem? The QNA query where you seek permissions on the ‘Network Shares’ objects matches the share permissions displayed in the first screenshot.

The second screenshot doesn’t show Share Permissions, but NTFS ACLs on the folder of the share. You can retrieve that info as well, and likely with the same relevance, just targeting ‘folders’ rather than ‘network Shares’.


Jason, thank you.
But how would the query be?