SHA1 Utility

(imported topic written by JHearnsberger)

Thought I would offer this up and see what you guys and gals think of it. I built some analyses for a custom site in SCA for auditing internal configurations. In doing this I need to know if the production sets on our production systems (around 4000 systems) match the various configuration “gold” standard file sets. Our configurations are managed by a different group within our department - they do not work with IEM - so I made a front end for the IEM tool SHA1.exe. Basically it lets them pick files in their existing structure, think technician computer, and generates SHA1 hashes for the file or files.

I made it output the file to the same directory as the executable is called from. I also gave it the ability to output and format the correct IF THEN ELSE statement. So far the relevance that I generate checks out in the debugger. This is a first run, be gentle. To use, download the attached file. You will also need SHA1.exe, which I included, or you can download from the developers site.