Settings for Command Poll

Hello, In my environment the _BESClient_Comm_CommandPollEnable=1 and the polling interval is 6 minutes. The question here is, if I change the _BESClient_Comm_CommandPollEnable=0 (as I don’t have any proxy and udp is allow) how often or better yet, how will the client know when the Bigfix server has an action for it? Will that means that the action is executed inmediately after is issued?

I haven’t been able to find what happens when the setting is 0.


Info about command polling

With polling disabled the client will either depend on receiving the UDP package from its parent relay when new actions are deployed, or it will check every relay select, which is 6 hrs by default.

thanks a lot for your answer, so If I launch an action at and the poll interval is disabled, the Bigfix Server will send the action to the big fix relay and from there to the Server immediately, assuming that UDP is capable of getting to the server?

In our environment when an Operator launches an action, the expectation is that the action happens immediately and no one can wait for 6 minutes (our current polling interval).

Thanks again…

Correct. The new action will go from the main server then fan out to the relays and clients. Clients and relays would need to receive the UDP packet to get the announcement that a new action (or content) is available. Those that can’t receive the UDP package would wait until their next relay select.

Correct on all counts. In this case I’d still keep command polling, but reduce the interval to a more reasonable level (like 1 hour). The UDP notifications would still be effective, with command polling as a fallback in case of lost UDP packets (packet loss happens, and UDP is not retried)

thank you everybody, I will disable the polling in our test environment and give it a good test.