Set relavence to true if user checks a box

I was wondering if there was a way to create a fixlet that in the description it gives the end user a box that if checked it will set their relevance to true? I have seen many examples of using check boxes but I don’t know how to create them.

I’m not aware of any way to interact with the users on Endpoints the way you are discussing.

What you could do, to emulate it, would be to write a Task that is then presented to the User as an “Offer” and have it set a Client Setting that you then use the existence of in a different Task/Fixlet.

That way, when they “Accept” the offer, it sets the setting and you can trigger the second action from that. I would recommend that the second action delete the setting.

You would be looking for Relevance similar to this …
exists setting "SomeSetting" whose (exists value of it) of client

This will return TRUE if there is a client setting called “SomeSetting” that has a value associated with it. The tricky part to remember is that when you delete a Setting all you are actually deleting is the VALUE, not the SETTING itself, so if you only look for EXISTS setting "blah" of client it will return TRUE even if the setting has been “deleted”.

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Can you provide some background on what you want the user to select and what the outcome should be?

If this is to run multiple actions, then I would recommend making each action an individual offer and have the users select which offers they would like.