Session Relevance that shows actual failed action exit code typically Failed -2145124329

We are an MSP and running into an issue that customers are wanting to know why patches are not being installed or why it failed. They are looking for the , in this case windows, what the windows update service is reporting back as an exit code. example failed action exit code -2145124329 . So i see in the bigfix forum, this discussion, Get Exit Code of Action from API, that the REST API appears to provide this. has anyone tackled this in the web reports or session relevance? Partial only

	<DateIssued>Thu, 19 May 2016 19:40:12 +0000</DateIssued>
	<Computer ID="11656281" Name="server123">
		<Status>The action failed.</Status>
		<State IsError="0">4</State>

That is the exit code, it’s just unfortunately displayed as a signed integer instead of the intended unsigned hexadecimal string.

A starting clue on translating it in relevance is at the following link, but unfortunately making use of this will require switching to the /api/query resource and crafting a session relevance query