Session Relevance for Custom Right Click

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Does anyone have a good resource for trying to hammer out some session relevance that can be used to create a custom right click option? I have found some items on line, such as the relevance tester, but I have had little to no luck. I recently completed the training for regular relevance, but they did not even touch on this. In short I want to copy a client setting value from the current computer upon right clicking.

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I don’t have any experience writing custom right click stuff, but there are a lot of examples of session relevance on

I’m fairly certain I can figure out the session relevance, but I am not certain of how the context of relevance works with the right click option.

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Session relevance is evaluated against the database, not the client. I’m guessing the training you completed was focused on client relevance.

Session relevance should be tested in the presentation debugger. To open choose Debug, presentation debugger from the console. If you don’t see a debug menu, then hold ctr, shft, alt & D when the console window is open to enable it.

You can debug these in presentation debugger, the link below is a good resource (I’m not sure if there is a newer version),d.eXY&cad=rja

You can use the text below in the ShellCommandRelevance key to copy the value of “LocationBySubnet”. You can easily replace that setting name to accomplish what you need.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Console\RunQuiet.exe sha1.exe -h " & ((value of client setting whose (name of it = “Location By Subnet”) of it) of (current computer))

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That did the trick! Thank you so much, I was pulling my hair out!