ServiceNow Data Flow - OS not updating

Problem: “OS” value not synced from BigFix to ServiceNow

Cause: In ServiceNow Computers Table, “Operating System” is a listbox control with a limited number of value options. The OS names provided by BigFix do not match the values allowed in ServiceNow.

Resolution: Add values to the Listbox Control to match Operating System values provided by BigFix.

1) In BigFix Console, expand the "Hardware Attributes" Analysis from the "BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow" External Site.
2) In the "Results" tab, expand "By Retrieved Properties" and "By OS".
3) Observe each OS value reported by your environment.

5) In ServiceNow, open a Computer to show the Computer Properties form.
6) Click the "Hamburger Menu" (three horizontal lines), and select Configure -> Form Designer


7) Locate the "Operating System" field and click the Gear icon beside it.  Beside any of the existing entries, click "+" icon to add another OS.

	8) Add an entry for each "OS" value reported in the Analysis from BigFix ("Win2016", "Linux CentOS 6.10", etc.)
	9) On the computer executing the ServiceNow Data Flow service, delete the cached .DAT files from IntegrationService directory ("C:\Program Files\HCL\Integration Services" by default).
	10) Restart the "BigFix Integration Services" Service.

I have faced a problem where if I change the resources of a VM(i.e. memory, disk, cpu) I don’t see those updates in ServiceNow, even after the integration service runs the refresh data process.

I had open a case with support but I never got a solution for that and I gave up with that… Wondering if you have seen the same issue.

I haven’t seen that one yet, but will check. I don’t usually change those for existing computers.

I’ve definitely seen updates from ServiceNow work (assigned_to, department, etc) and think I’ve seen ‘last seen’ (last report time) from BF to SN.

We have very dynamic environments, and resources are updated very frequently so this is something important for us.