ServiceNow Data flow Issues

while attempting to deploy the ServiceNow data flow from v1 to v1.2 I’m returned with the message:

“To use this task, you must have only one instance of the ServiceNow Dataflows Service deployed in this environment.”

How should I go about resolving this issue?

Hi @tadeniyipadeola, check the Analysis called “Dataflows Service Properties” in the “BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow” site. It will provide the details of the endpoint that is currently running the ServiceNow dataflow service. Therefore that endpoint should be applicable for the upgrade fixlet #206 - Upgrade BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow Service to v1.2.

I have the Dataflows Services Properties activated Globally. but the issue doesn’t change, it appears there is already an instance of ServiceNow Dataflow active. I attempted to uninstall the deployed service, but the uninstallation failed on the last line.

It actually failed to delete the previous installation directory. The root of the problem could be that something has locked up this directory or some process continues to run from within this directory preventing the deletion. On this endpoint, review the client setting named “BESIS_InstallationPoint” or run the following client relevance via QnA on this endpoint to determine the directory that the action was not able to delete:

value of setting "BESIS_InstallationPoint" of client