ServiceNow 20 BigFix Properties


Looking at the ServiceNow Hardware analysis I see where it is bringing back 20 properties. Looking at the DataFlow.config.xml file I see where thise 20 properties are exported to Service now. IS there a way to add additional properties to the analysis? Would it be as simple as selecting the desired properties form the column picker? I would assume one would then need to modify the xml document.

I was also wondering if this integration with ServiceNow can be used to import BigFix Inventory data?

You can add or adjust the BigFix data being sent to ServiceNow, yes, but it is not done by modifying the analysis, but rather the XML configuration file. Here, you’d need to reference the desired property in BigFix as the source data (within the sourceadapter), and the corresponding field within ServiceNow to update (within the targetadapter). The general format for the BigFix property source is (replacing elements within << >> with the appropriate reference):

<property displayname="<<displayname>>" propertyname="<<Site Name>>-<<Analysis Name>>-<<PropertyID>>" datatype="string"/>

The other consideration is that the mapping between source and target adapter properties is based on the order they are defined within the XML file.

This post may also be useful for reference: Calling reserved properties 'Device Type' & 'Computer Type'

And while ServiceNow Dataflow does not integrate with BigFix Inventory, the Service Graph Connector for BigFix does.


Thank you Appreciate the help and guidance!