Servers Using Relays that are More Hops and Further Away Over Closer Ones

Over the past week I have been dealing with almost all of our machines going to relays that are further away. In some cases it was because our network team made a change that made the closer relay more hops than a further one so we put in some firewall blocks to stop that, but in other cases I see many servers going to a relay that is further away in terms of hops and IP subnet and the only way I can get it to use the proper one is either by manually setting everything which I don’t want to do really, or adding in more firewall blocks.

I can’t seem to make an HCL ticket right now because when I try to select a product from the drop down list it says there is no match and since its required I can’t continue, so has anyone seen this before or know why this might be going on?

Usually occurs because the client cannot Ping the closer relay. Is ICMP getting blocked?

I’m able to ping the closer relay. When we put in a firewall block it switched over to the proper relay, but won’t choose it on its own.

I can put together some things to look at but on a call shortly. Check for Affiliation Lists on client & relay, and check if the relay is set to not be autoselectable

Ah so yeah before we put in the firewall blocks we were going to try using affiliation lists. I put a relay affiliation advertisement on two of the relays but only put the client affiliation setting on about 17 machines. Just curious but why would having a relay affiliation advertisement cause servers, that don’t have the client affiliation setting, to use the wrong relay?

Depends on what you out into the Advertisement List on the relay.

I believe if you include the * string as an advertisement list, it can be selected by any client; but leave out the “*” entry, and it can only be selected by clients with a matching AffiliationSeekList.

For the two relays I put:
and for Value I put “Southfield” in one and “Aurora” in the other.

For the 17 Windows 10 machines I put the client setting in I put:
and the value was the same “Southfield”. I didn’t try any clients in Aurora before we changed plans.

So once everything finished selecting, you should end up with the only the 17 clients on “Southfield”, and no clients on “Aurora”.

Often we’d do an entry like “Southfield;*” on both relay and client, to make Southfield clients prefer Southfield.if available but if Southfield is not available then pick the closest.

Ok so I did not use the ;* so do you think that was causing a problem somehow? In the case of our Aurora machines even though none had the client setting, the Aurora relay did have the relay affiliation advertisement setting but without the ;* at the end, and the clients were going to our Deerfield relay which is definitely more hops than the Aurora relay which in some cases wasn’t even 1 hop.

Thanks again for all your help and explanation Jason.

Yes I think that’s all there is to it, just remove the Affiliation AdvertisementList from the relay and clients should be able to find it