Servers not Subscribing to Custom Site


Recently we create a new Compliance Site using the Custom Site Tool provided on BigFix. The fixlets and Analyses has been imported but when we try to suscribe some computers using any method it does not work. For another custom sites it work just fine but not for this one.

This its a image of the subscription expression:

Any ideas?

Just checking…you do mean for it to subscribe Win2008, not Win2008 R2 right?

That’s right… This site its only for W2003.

@HArredondo Your site subscription relevance is looking for Windows Server 2008, not 2003.

Sorry, my bad, it’s 2008.

I don’t have any 2008 servers to check - can you expand “All Computers”, “By retrieved property”, “OS”, and show the list of OSes including 2008 for that view?


That relevance looks like it should work…what result do you get jf you evaluate that through Fixlet Debugger or QNA.EXE on one of those clients?