Server UDP Message Issue

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I am new in Bigfix, lately we deploy Bigfix in our company, we install Bigfix in data center (reside at ISP, we rent it), and then we install relay inside our company. Then, we also map public ip address for our relay. We being try to open browser using the http://servername:52311/cgi-bin for both the server, and relay, it seem to be no failure between the connection.

However, whenever we try send refresh from console, nothing happen. And I understand that UDP message from server fail to reach our relay. So, is there any way to solve it…please let me know…


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It’s generally not a good idea to have the Console running remotely far from the Server. Also, the Console is connecting via ODBC to the Server, not http, so you will need to make sure that ODBC connections can be made to your Server box at the ISP.

However, you really should consider hosting the Console at the ISP and using something like Remote Desktop to access it.

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Actually we get it running on the second day after installed without fixing any other than restart the BES Client Service, Thanks…