Server OS versions including "Standard" or "Enterprise"

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We are trying to get a report that will tell us which version of the OS each server is running but what we have wont tell us if its Standard or Enterprise. Anyone have a fix for this?

This command (systeminfo | findstr /B /C:“OS Name” /C:“Host Name” >\SERVERNAME\c$\output.txt) could be run on each system, so I guess if someone knew how to make this into a task that could work too.


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Can you please try the following WMI query to see if it will give you the same info?

string value of selects 
"caption from win32_operatingsystem" of wmi

Lee Wei

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I’m not too familiar with WMI querys but here is what I got.


wmic:root\cli>string value of selects “caption from win32_operatingsystem” of wmi

string - Alias not found.


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That is a BigFix Relevance language statement.

You can use the Fixlet Debugger to test it.

Or you can add that as a new Manage Properties via the TEM Console.

Menu–>Tools–>Manage Properties–>New

By the way, if you have the “BES Inventory and License” site subscription, there is already a property “Full Operating System Name and Service Pack Level - Windows” that will give you what you need.

It is in the “Operating System Information (Windows)” analysis.

Lee Wei

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Thanks Lee, yes that worked fine in the Fixlet Debugger and I added it to the Properties.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Would you run a report to get all this data into a nice format?

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Your first stop for report should be Web Reports.

Go to the “Explore Data” link and then “Computers”.

You can add your OS Type property, then it is possible to export to CSV, print, etc.

Lee Wei

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Wow, you just saved us a lot of time and work! Thanks again Lee!