"Server not found" Error when installing TEM with remote DB

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i am setting up a QA / DEV environment for our TEM deployment.

when installing the TEM server with remote DB i supply the remote SQL Server name (with Windows authentication), click “Next” and supply a username (DOMAIN\username and password).

when i click “Next” i get the error “Server not found. verify that the specified server exists…” (attachment 1)

when i click “Browse” (in the Username field) and then “Browse” again (in the “Domain or Server” field) i only get the TEM server in the list. (attachment 2)

it is as if the TEM installer cannot browse outside the local server (yes, i verified that “computer browser” service is running).

i want to avoid using SQL authentication for security reasons (SQL username and password are stored as plain text in registry)

has anyone come across this or have an idea on how to resolve?



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From a CMD prompt, can you ping the server using the same form of the server name you gave the installer?

Have you tried giving it the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the SQL Server?

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Hi Tim,

Yes and Yes, i can ping & telnet in port 1433 from TEM server to SQL server, to both short name and FQDN.