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I recently upgraded from v8.2.1364 up to v9.0.787 and my OS deployment was working up until the upgrade. However, now when I bring up the ‘Bare Metal OS Deployment Server Manager’ page within the console it is showing me that the bare metal installers are out of date. I searched IBM fix central and found the latest version x86): (210.37).

I downloaded and attempted to upload the files, without any name changes, to the console the yellow warning sign changes next to the upload button to a green arrow. All of the other selections when pressed tell me that the upload is still in progress and to refresh the page. After a refresh the green a\rrow is replaced with the yellow warning again and it appears that I have not uploaded anything at all.

I have noticed that it says the current version of the packages to be ( (210.37)) on the main page, but when you click on upload to search for the download file it shows me that the latest it’s looking for is ( (210.40))?

If there is a release of 210.40, where can I find it since it does not appear to be on IBM fix central’s site.

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Hi Ed,

the Bare Metal server upgrade needs a two step process

  • upload the installer - TPMfOSd 210.37 is OK (that 210.40 was only a visual error I am going to fix soon, build 210.37 is correct)

  • upgrade bare metal servers

So first upload the latest installer, then upgrade your bare metal servers.

From what i understood, you only uploaded the installer… please correct me if I mis-understood