Server error: "HttpRestartableHashMismatch" with fixlet MS09-017

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I get an error I have never seen before when trying to send one version of the MS09-017 patch:

MS09-017: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office PowerPoint Could Allow Remote Code Execution - Office 2003 SP3 (Local/Network Install)



Server error: “HttpRestartableHashMismatch”

send retry request to server

The other MS09-017 fixlets that I have tried are working fine…as are all the other fixlets on my server.




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Hey Scott,

This means that the file that the system downloaded didn’t match the SHA1 hash of what was in the Fixlet.

You can test this manually by downloading the file put it on at C:\ (or wherever) and running the relevance:

(size of it, sha1 of it) of file “C:\office2003-KB957784-FullFile-ENU-CSA.exe”

Then compare this to the size/sha1 inside the action of the Fixlet… I would check this for you, but I am out-of-the-office and I lost access to my server temporarily.

If they are different, let us know and we can take a look into it…


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Hey Ben,

It matches the Sha1 listed in the fixlet:

q: (size of it, sha1 of it) of file “C:\office2003-KB957784-FullFile-ENU-CSA.exe”

A: 3015576, e9de540892dcb407d5742497bb012dfab11bad56

T: 79.258 ms

I: singular ( integer, string )

Hmm…Its working now?? I ran three tests last night and it failed, but this morning its working…go figure.

Oh well…thanks for quick reply!

Have a good one,