Sent 1/2010 Patches in Baseline - Status completed - still relevant?

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Hi All,

I have a strange one and trying to figure out how to get around it. I put all of the patches which were released in january (adobe / standard windows patches / out of band patches) into one baseline and applied that baseline. The baseline action went out successfully and reports 98% success rate yet I still show 15% of computers relevant for the adobe patches.

As a test I have done the following actions:

  1. Resent the patches - PCs report Not relevant yet still stay in console as relevant.

  2. Manually reapplied the patches - PCs still stay in console as relevant.

  3. Used the action to reset the BES client and those PCs now do not report the patches being relevant.

It seems that some of the clients are caching bad info and resetting the client is a method to fix. Are there other methods? Is there some type of test other than looking at PCs that have patches relevant to figure out if the client is having issues?

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Which Fixlets IDs are staying relevant?


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Adobe 9.3



I’ve already reset the clients and fixed this, I’m primarily concerned with how to tell if the BES client is having an issue so I can proactively address it.

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Those patches look pretty straightforward… I am not sure what the specific issue you had, but it could possibly have been a corrupted console cache…

If it happens again, you might want to try to clear your console cache and see if that helps… alternately you can contact support and they can investigate with you…