Self Service Application (SSA) --- "ideas" for ClientUI parity + a little

Thought I’d throw a note out here on a bunch of ideas recently submitted around SSA on BigFix Ideas (in case folks here haven’t checked there lately). Remember to take a periodic look on Ideas and up-vote things that help you too :slight_smile:

SSA does not observe the “confirmation message” setting on actions taken in Console

  • Setting an action with a Confirmation message will not be shown to a user having SSA/Self Service Application.
  • We’ve tested with both an “Offer” or just a “Message” enabled baseline or fixlet; neither prompted with the configured message/question.

SSA “message box” for action completed should self dismiss as ClientUI does

  • The existing Self Service Application, SSA ,(3.2.1) shows the actual run message properly for tasks, fixlets and baselines and all resolve to “this action has completed”.
  • However that dialog will never self dismiss which is not ideal for overnight executions or if a “kiosk” device gets the action.

SSA itself and “message box”, “Take Action” or “post-action” pop-up should support branding

  • Providing an expected brand helps a user feel more comfortable with a newer interface.
  • Being able to support custom branding (logo) within/across the Self Service Application/SSA application would help to internalize the application to the user base.
  • It would be nice to support a common icon/brand across all interfaces in addition to the BigFix logo.

SSA Catalog view iconography confusing “Get”

  • As users have gotten Self Service Application/SSA, the catalog view has lead to some confusion. Namely around the “Remove”/Uninstall coded content having the “Get” bar on the bottom of the icon. We’ve had numerous users click on it thinking they were installing an application when in reality they were uninstalling it.
  • A suggestion would be to change the verbiage of the grey bar to “Remove”/“Uninstall” rather than “Get”

SSA client configuration option – set default “Category”

  • The ability to set via an administrative action the default Category shown to the user of Self Service Application/SSA (similar to the idea of Catalog vs List view).
  • We have implemented a list of common categories for content offered and would be interested in having the ability to limit the user’s initial view (think “Installs” instead of “Uninstalls” to limit the accidental removal of software)

SSA Client - Ability to custom sort the History view

  • In ClientUI the option to custom sort by any column was present.
  • Our IT admins miss having the feature to change the sort by column in Self Service Application/SSA.
  • Totally a “nice to have” since search is quite effective

SSA History view missing previous executions from same action ID

  • If a recurring policy action is set on an endpoint only the latest execution is shown in the History tab of Self Service Client/SSA.
  • Each execution should be displayed up to the client history limit set in the client configuration.
  • Without all data the “History” is actually just “Last executed” painting an incomplete picture which can lead to confusion by support teams.
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