Selected site has more than 10 or more baselines

Hi Friends:

In Server Automation, when I try to run Automation Plan for run baselines dinamically, I found the message:

This message was not presented in version 9.1.1117.0.

Is possible (and recommended) to run over 45 baselines?

Thanks to all!

Hi Hectorio,

So what we found after some feedback from the field was that some users were executing massive volumes of patch baselines using this mechanism, and maxing out the plan engine in the process (i.e. running out of memory). So now, we only allow 10 baselines per step.

It’s generally not recommended to go over that number anyway, but then again it totally depends on how big your baseline content is.

You have two options pretty much (IF your baseline content is reasonably small, i.e. each baseline in the site not having a large number of components):

  1. Create a lesser number of baselines (i.e. 10 or less) in a new site, by combining several your existing baselines and saving these new baselines into the new site.

  2. Spread your existing baselines over a larger number of sites so that no site has more than 10 baselines. Then add multiple baselines-from-site steps in your plan.

However, if you have a large amount of baseline content to execute, we would recommend breaking that out into multiple plans that to do not run concurrently so that the plan engine does not max out.