See if local user account exist

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I trying to write a relevance that looks to see if a specific local user account exists on any of our windows computers. I know I could look for the profile folder, but that would mean the account still exist on the computer.

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Here are some example statements that you might be able to use.

q: names of local users

q: names whose (it = “TESTNAME”) of local users

q: exists names whose (it = “TESTNAME”) of local users

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To add to this, I have done something similar previously and generated the results for a security team. They liked that it showed them the desired information then I started to get requests to check for other ids. So to make it less work for me, I would create an analysis that would just list all ids and created a web report that they could just search for whatever id they wanted.

My $0.02 :slight_smile:

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Martinc that is exactly why I’m trying to create this. Thanks.

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Martin how did you specify a particular user account to see if it is a member of the local admin. I am looking for a particular local user existing and that works, but need to know if that account is also a member of the local admins? thanks

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I think this is what I did

(members whose (it as string as lowercase does not contain “domain admins”) of it) of local groups whose (name of it = “Administrators”)

On my test systems, this shows me my 2 accounts that are in the Administrators group and filters out the name “Domain Admins”

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thanks that worked. I appreciate the help.

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Thanks Lee, thats is what I needed.