Secret parameters and WebUI

I have a package hat has secret parameters in it. The package works fine when it is deployed with the Console but when users try to send the package to devices with WebUI it fails. Any clue why or where I can start to look?

are the parameters hard coded or do they require user input when you use it on the console?

They are hardcoded. No user input is required. This is the error that is given in the log

Command failed (Substitution failed while writing file) createfile until END_OF_FILE (action:535679)

but the fixlet works when using the console to send it. Does webui see the secrete parameters built in when sending through webui?

Have you had a look at the agent logs or put an agent into debug mode when running the fixlet from both WebUI and the Console to compare both logs?

To my knowledge and the best of my recollection, there’s no difference in the way both handle parameters within a fixlet.

@dexdexdex can you advise?

WebUI doesn’t process any of the JavaScript in the Description tab of Fixlets, which is how most Parameterized Fixlets encode secure parameters. I think there’s a method for doing it, but possibly not with “normal” Parameterized Fixlets.
Paging @jgstew also…

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Ahhh I completely forgot about adding javascript to the fixlet description, that would make perfect sense really.


I wonder if anyone knows how to use secret parameters within action via WebUI.

Secret parameters are not supported by WebUI as of yet; console functionality is the only way to utilize this feature.

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