Searching for /PAE in boot.ini file

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Hi, I am looking for all servers in the environment that have or don’t have the /PAE switch, I have tried the following but with not the result that I am looking for.

if exists file “c:\boot.ini” then substring after “/” of (line((line number of line containing “multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT=” of it)) of file “c:\boot.ini”) as trimmed string else “X”

I took the above from another property and tried to customize the relavance according to what I needed for, but it is not working as desired; actually I am looking for Yes or No if the /PAE switch exists in the boot.ini file. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

(imported comment written by Lee Wei)

This should work.

if (exists file “c:\boot.ini”) then ((it > 0) of number of lines whose (it contains “/PAE”) of file “c:\boot.ini”) else (false)