Searching content for a string

Is there a way to search relevance or action script across all fixlet’s and tasks for a string?

Yes though you’d need to use session relevance. I use the Session Relevance Tester for thses type of tasks and as an example, this is a statement I used to pull the site, id and name of a fixlet that contains certain strings in the action script but where I do not know what site that fixlet may be in. You could use the same approach for searching for fixlets with a certain relevance string.

(names of sites of it, ids of it, names of it) of fixlets whose (exists scripts whose (it as lowercase contains "powershell" and it as lowercase contains "download") of actions of it) of all bes sites

Thanks for that. I smell another idea brewing.

An example of session relevance I’ve used in the past to look for fixlet that has a certain string in the relevance clauses, in this case either in the master action site or in a specific custom site

(names of sites of it, ids of it, names of it) of fixlets whose (relevance clause of it contains "member of group") of (bes custom sites whose (name of it = "My Custom Site") ; (bes sites whose (name of it = "ActionSite")) )

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I believe thats by default available using custom filter in console.

Did you tried that, I am not on console right now but I am pretty sure about searching in action script for any task or fixlet using custom filter, in certain cases like you need to search sha1 or any file name etc. associated within any action script or not.

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You absolutely can use a custom filter in the Console to search relevance and action script for strings:



Can you replace with that?

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