Scipt failure on notify client ForceRefresh

I’m still fairly new, and trying to understand why an action is failing on several computers. They are failing on the last line:

Notify Client ForceRefresh

I’ve read on this forum some warnings about sending out this command to too many computers at once. Is this a possible reason for failure?

In this case, the content I sent as an action is setting a number of BigFix client settings, and particularly setting a seeklist and forcing an automatic relay selection process. There are a lot of laptops, and I suppose this could be from intermittent connection changes?

I definitely should’ve added more retries (more than 0 :slight_smile: ), but I’m still surprised at the number of failures.


I don’t think that line should be causing a problem. When you look at the action detail info, is it actually showing a Failed on that line, or is it the action status as a whole showing Failed?

What I often see is a problem in the Success Criteria. By default, a Fixlet only shows Fixed if the relevance evaluates a False after the action runs, so if the relevance isn’t checking the right settings you can get a Failed even if all the action commands worked. By contrast a Task is considered successful if all the lines of the script run without an error.

Can you post a screenshot of the action info (that shows each line of the script with a Success or Failed)? You can blank-out the values that you’re setting, or you can private message it to me if you dont want it to be public.

Action success criteria was based on completion of script

The action script is quite lengthy. Here are the last few lines. I’ll PM you the more complete text

@bobdennedy I just tested on my BigFix 9.5.14 box and the action command seemed to work fine.

I think the ultimate issue here was size of target and not enough failure handling. I was targeting all 115,000 endpoints :grimacing:

In my second attempt I did the following:
Staggered action start times over 4 hours
Set to retry on failure up to 5 times with 10 minutes in between.

This resulted in 0.14% failure (which I suspect are systems shutting down/restarting/etc) compared to previous 28% failure rate.

Targeting 115,000 endpoints for a Notify Client ForceRefresh will cause lots of concentrated CPU and reporting activity. I would not generally recommend this approach. (On second reading of this thread, I see you did mention this in your original post. Repeating here in case others read later)!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Client%20Refresh%20and%20Reset

Changed settings on the client should be promptly reported back up to the relay in the client’s next report without needing to use the Notify Client ForceRefresh command. The client should send that report as part of closing up the action. Would recommend you test omitting that last line of your action script.