Scheduling Automation plans using REST API

Hi all,

We have created a template automation plan that we intend to use for patching of numerous Microsoft Clusters. We want to automate the scheduling of the actions based on the plan using REST API - but we find it hard to locate documentation that describes the functions of the API to use that are related to Server Automation.

This is what we need to accomplish:

  • Create action for specified automation plan
  • Specify its start and end time
  • Enable pre-fetch for the action
  • Specify targets for specific steps in the automation plan

Any directions or guidance is appreciated.


The REST API is documented in the Wiki, here: Server Automation REST API.

Consider sharing your progress with this effort in the forum for future reference by others looking for similar solutions.

HCL, can you add a section for the Server Automation API here ?

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The documentation in this article mentions that Fixlets with ID 108 and 109 should be used to enable the Server Automation REST API

In the BigFix Server Automation section, we can see this ID 108 being available, but also another fixlet with ID 157, that seems to implement the same service.

In the BigFix documentation it is actually mentioned that this newer version will soon replace the older version based on the IBM WAS.

We will continue this adventure with installation of the Server Automation REST API based on Fixlet ID 157.

We have still not been able to find complete documentation for the API itself. I assume that we need to figure things out ourselves using the SA-REST.xsd schema.