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I am trying to get a better idea on how to create policies for scheduled tasks (I am running 8.2)

I have noticed some fixlets from IBM recommend running every hour (like the hardware probe tasks for AIX or the task to get info for virtual guests in hyper-v). Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any information on creating actions for tasks or fixlets that run every hour or every ‘n’ hours a day.


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Rerunning actions is part of there Tasks and Fixlets are different.

In a Fixlet, Success is determined by the Relevance clauses evaluating to FALSE after the action finished, so fixlets usually have very specific, narrow relevance clauses.

In a Task, Success is determined by all the action lines executing. There is no re-evaluation of the relevance clause. Tasks are not expected to Fix things, they tend to be used simply to Target actions at a set of computers.

It’s much simpler to make a Task reapply than a Fixlet. I don’t have any AIX boxes to let me see the Hardware Probe Relevance for them, but the Linux HW Probe relevance simply looks to see if it’s a Linux system, hence it’s always true for Linux systems.

To make this action run every 1 hour, do the following in the

Take Action

dialog …

  • Under the Target tab select the appropriate target information.
  • Under the Execution tab …
  • If you want this to run as a Policy (ie: in perpetuity) uncheck the Ends on option.
  • Look for the Reapply this action item under Behavior
  • Choose while relevant, waiting (1 hour) between reapplications, you might need to uncheck the Limit to option. (1 hour) is a dropdown box with various time intervals listed.

Because this is a Task, whose relevance will always evaluate to TRUE for a given set of computers, it should repeatedly cycle every hour, until the action is stopped.

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Thats exactly what I was looking for.



This post is old but I was looking for a task like this.

I try to do a folder mirroring task that’s running every day between 1am and 6 am.
I’ve done what you said here, I did check “Reapply this action / whenever it becomes relevant again”

The task work, the status changed to completed, but the day after, the task did not rerun…

I was thinking: Did I need to do a success Criteria which will be looking if the destination folder has the same size as the source, and If not He rerun the task ?
Do I need to select ( like in this post) “Reapply this action / while relevant, waiting : 1 day” ?
And the second solution must be used, If he start at 5am and I told him to wait 1 day, did the second time start at 5am the next day ?



Very old post to piggy back on :slight_smile: would be better to create a new topic

The issue is the action needs to go non relevant and then back relevant again for it to re-apply. So is this a “Task”? If so that doesn’t need to go non-relevant to complete successfully. This is the subtle difference between a task and an action

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Thanks for reply,

Yeah it’s a task, and I think the problem is the “non relevant to relevant” thing that I must adjust because my relevance was only about the name of the computers :slight_smile:

I will compare size of both folders.

You don’t need to modify the task then; you need to run the action with ‘Apply while relevant, waiting X between reapplications’

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oh my fault. I restarted the besclient, and the action reapplied…
Maybe an error with my besclient. I will try on other computers.

Thanks for help

Edit : Ok, I’ve tested in an other computer and It has worked perfectly. I will try to reinstall my besclient ^^

Thanks again and have a nice day