Scheduling Actions for ClientLocalTime Not Working

I am trying to schedule actions via API/Powershell. I submit the webrequest along with some XML (below) with what should be the local start and end times. What happens is the times get converted to 3 hours ahead, not the actual local time I need the schedule to occur.

  1. The BES Clients and BES Server are all located in the Eastern Time Zone
  2. I am in the Pacific Time Zone

I am populating the blank elements in the PS script with the datetime object. As an example, when I schedule something to occur at 8:00:00 PM Client Local Time, the job shows up scheduled at 11:00PM Client Local Time - as if it is adding the three-hour difference from me to the server.

When I execute my PS script from a host located in the Eastern Time zone, the scheduled times are correct.


Hm. I haven’t been able to reproduce that issue, having tried several time zones on my machine.

Can you post the full <Settings> block, with the values filled in?
If you’re building this dynamically in PowerShell as in your other case, it may be useful to just print the XML onscreen before POSTing it.

Well that helped! I had tunnel vision - turns out I was converting the time to UTS in the powershell script elsewhere and didn’t realize it. All good now!

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