Scheduled reports on Analysis - only sends once

We have several scheduled reports based on the status of a windows service to trigger alerts if the service is stopped.

We want it to send hourly until the service is reporting as running again. They work as expected, but I recently created a new analysis/report that only sends 1 time then stops. What is throwing me off is that they are all set to only send email when the report has changed. I cannot see any differences in the report scheduling that would be causing this.

I attached an image of the report that works as we would like it to. If the service is reported as stopped, it sends an email alert hourly until it is started. This is what I mirrored for the new report but it only sends the first time.


Without knowing exactly what is in the report, it is tricky to answer, but I suspect there is something, such as a timestamp, that is different between generations of your report that does trigger each hour.

I would instead look at the options to generate the report when some piece of session relevance evaluates to True

You have selected option to send report only if there is any change, uncheck that & report will be triggering in every hour.

You would think, but the one pictured triggers the email alert every hour as long a 1 pc is reporting the service as stopped. Once the service is started the email alerts stop.

We do not want the email alert if no PC is reporting as stopped, so it makes sense to only trigger on a change. But I cannot seem to find what is reporting as a change on the report to trigger it.

But you have the report set to trigger only if the report has changed…


uncheck ‘Send email/store archive only when report has changed’
Then check ‘Match Relevance conditions’ and include some relevance for when to run

Alternatively, include something on the report (such as the last report time of the clients with the stopped service) that will have changed