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(imported topic written by StacyLee)

I am running the BES web reports server on a separate dedicated server. When I setup a scheduled report and select the option "Include link to current report " , the link in the email points to the main BES Server not the URL of the dedicated BES Web Reports Server. The table in the database and the database option in web reports is set to the URL of the BES Web Reports Server.

Is this expected behavior or should it recognize a separate web server?

(imported comment written by Kevin_McManamon91)

The value that appears in the “Include link to current report” by default is intended to contain the main BES Server and is set by the Installer. You can change the value of this in the registry, but upgrading the system may re-write the value. You can simply change it to your desired URL in either case. The registry entry is the “Hostname” key and can be found in


\SOFTWARE\BigFix\Enterprise Server\

Kevin McManamon

(imported comment written by MattBoyd)

We’re using BES 7.2 and have just run into the same issue. I don’t see this registry key on either the server hosting Web Reports or the BES server. I tried adding that registry key, but the URL is still the pointing to the Central BES server. How can I change this?

(imported comment written by MattBoyd)

I found the “Hostname” entry in the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BigFix\Enterprise Server\Installer

I wasn’t sure if this was the registry key that Kevin was talking about, but I gave it a shot and changed it. It appears to have worked without any adverse effects.