Scheduled import stopped running

I have a Data Import that has been scheduled to run every day at 5 AM, this week it stopped running automatically and I’ve had to run it manually.

Yesterday I disabled it then re-enabled it, this morning it again did not run.

I thought there would be a scheduled task that would handle this on the server (Windows) but I don’t see one. How do I go about correcting this issue?

Are there any java memory related errors or core dumps in the BFI logs folder? The tema.log will have any memory issues. The scheduler stops running if the java encounters any issues.

Yes, I see some “OutOfMemoryError” and “Java heap space” messages in the log.

Would rebooting the server correct the issue and restart the scheduler?

Might be worth checking this out too, just in case it relates to your issue.

Beyond that you can increase the Java Heap Space ( change the setting “-Xmx2048m” to “-Xmx4096m” in the JVM.options file) to see if that resolves the import problems.

That says the issue is fixed in version 10.0.5 but I’m already on that version.

I’ve increased the heap space and will see if that fixes the issue.

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Looks like this issue is fixed, the scheduled task executed properly this morning.

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