Schedule Web Report

Hi All,
Need some help for the schedule web reporting.
recently I had schedule a report but I am not sure it do not provide any of report.
I am using relevance as below:
Month: (day_of_month of date (local time zone) of now as integer) = 1.
I found out even the relevance is become true the report also do not provide. It is any wrong configuration for my web report?
Below is the setting that I had check for monthly.
And for weekly report I also facing same issue which cannot delivered. For weekly I had only change the Generate report every 7 days.
Others setting remain the same.
It is my setting or configuration had miss?
can anyone advice me?


There is a checkbox when creating scheduled reports that has something like “… send when changed…”. Can you check to make sure that is unchecked (if you want reports to be sent regardless of the state)?

Otherwise, if there is an error message (in red) about a scheduled activity, then a formal PMR request should be filed.

Hi DHwang,

Thanks for the advice.
I will test it out myself first.
As I had restart the services and it like hanging there.