Schedule a task to run daily

I have a task that sends output to a file and then an analysis that reads the information. How do I schedule the task to run daily so I know I’m getting up to date data?

More detail plz.

Task that sends output to a file - ok, what kind?

Analysis that reads - ok, what kind?

As for scheduling there is a variety of ways to go about it. Not necessarily BF.

I don’t understand “what kind”. The task is to give the version of a 3rd party software that is applied and writes it to a txt file in /tmp on a Unix server. I want to know how do you set BigFix to run the task and analysis every day.

Use the “Reapply while relevant…waiting 24 hours between applications” option in the “Take Action” dialog.

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@JasonWalker is correct. Here’s a sample screenshot for you:

Keep in mind however that there are two different intervals to consider here: the frequency of the task outputting to the file, and the frequency of the analysis property evaluating and returning the contents of the file.